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Olive Pellet

The pellet (olive pellet) has the form of small cylindrical capsule of about 2-3 cm and a diameter of 6 mm and are made ​​from pomace.

Compared with oil heating , olive pellet is designed to produce about half of thermal energy, for instance we can calculate if a consumer needed per year one ton heating oil , he will  need to consume about two tons of pellets for the same result.

One ton of heating oil costs today in greece 1000 euro and two tons of olive cake pellet costs about 450 euro. We have the same result and we save 50% of our money.

The heating value of olive pellets is about 5.100 kcal / kg, ie 1.8 kg equivalent to 1 liter of oil.

Hot Equivalence:
1.8 kg of olive pellets = 1 liter of oil

Compare Prices:
1,800 kilos of olive pellets = 450 €
1,000 liters of oil = 980 €

We offer the olive pellets:
A) In packaging bag of 15 kg
B) At 1.00 x 1.2 pallets with 70 bags (1,050 pounds total)
C) A Big Bag of ton
D) Loose (a dump truck)

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