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The Olive Pellets - ΕΠΥΠΕΛ ΑΒΕΕ Επεξεργασία Υποπροϊόντων Ελιάς στη Μυτιλήνη Λέσβος και Παραγωγή Πέλετ Βιοκαύσιμο Olive Pellet in Greece Pellets in Greece Lesvos Mytilene

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The Olive Pellets

The pellets olive (olive pellets) have the form of small cylindrical capsule of about 2-3 cm and a diameter of 6 mm and made from pomace.

Compared with oil heating the olive pellets pellets have about half a thermal efficiency, without limitation, we can say that we use twice as much material, but with half the costs.

These are operated by specially constructed boilers - boilers, energy stoves and fireplaces etc.

To construct the pellets should the material be crushed with a dimension of <1-3 mm and a moisture content <12%.

The benefits to the consumer that uses pellets (Pellets) instead of fossil fuels are:

► the lowest cost that can reach 30-60% depending on the global Gaius - the political process and not only
► goodwill of the fuel remains on site production of fuel so the money can be invested and consumed locally,
► reuse of waste materials that would otherwise go to landfill and natural
► protect the environment by reducing emissions from fossil fuel use and reducing the volume of waste.

If you think making a rough calculation you will find that is totally wrong if not foolhardy, to fly today to scrap considered waste materials thankfully generously offers us the nature and while sending billions of euros in the third for the import of fossil fuels, some of course have interest in this, but you;

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