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Company Profile - ΕΠΥΠΕΛ ΑΒΕΕ Επεξεργασία Υποπροϊόντων Ελιάς στη Μυτιλήνη Λέσβος και Παραγωγή Πέλετ Βιοκαύσιμο Olive Pellet in Greece Pellets in Greece Lesvos Mytilene

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Company Profile

Our company, EPYPEL SA located in the region of Lampou Myloi , at the Greek island of Lesvos and specialized at the processing of olive products.
Especially for the management of the liquid olive residue , our company has a patented machine which evaporates the waste and is patented by the Ministry of Industry in Greece. (More >>>)

We are the first and unique industry in Greece that produces biofuel from olive pomace. (Olive cake pellet)

Our extensive experience in the field of olive in combination with the German technology, has the result of producing industrial oil (oil lampante) by a purely industrial process without chemical impurities.

We sell our products throughout Greece and abroad.

Experienced administrative staff, very capable technicians and a potential sales department is able to fulfill customer's needs , daily.
The target of the company is the excellent quality of the European market products and services.

The policy of customer satisfaction is the base of every activity of the company and the driving force for the organizational, technological and commercial development.

EP.YP.EL. ABEE - Lambou Mili - 81100 - Mytilene - Lesvos - Greece - Tel. +30 6979117650 - Fax:+30 22510 41276
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