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EXHAUST SYSTEM FOR KATSIGAPOY AND WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT - ΕΠΥΠΕΛ ΑΒΕΕ Επεξεργασία Υποπροϊόντων Ελιάς στη Μυτιλήνη Λέσβος και Παραγωγή Πέλετ Βιοκαύσιμο Olive Pellet in Greece Pellets in Greece Lesvos Mytilene

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Evaporation is the solution of the problem of KATSIGAPOY
We provide maximum performance exhaust system with the lowest cost.

Economics and environmentally friendly
The unique design of biofuel burner (olive pits) and the exhaust chamber combustion system makes economical and environmentally friendly.

The special elaiofilo KLEIDI filter is the success of the system.
The system eliminates the boiler of the mill, after the steam produced exceed all requirements of hot water needed by the mill (mixer, Decanter, Separators).
The system is controlled electronically monitors water levels, pressure and temperature of the liquid inside the tank evaporation.
This achieves the maximum possible performance, fuel economy and better combustion, which means "cleaner" exhaust into the environment 



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